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Message from the President

최외출 총장

The Cradle for Nurturing Talent
through Innovation in University Education:

CHOI Oe-chool, Ph.D.

The 16th President

Choi Oe Chool


Creating "New History" through Education

Yeungnam University has been continuously and consistently progressing forward with the purpose of realizing the calling of the times in contemporary Korean history. Subsequent to the chaos after the Independence and the Korean War, the Korean people’s aspiration was to “revive the nation through education”. This was engraved in the founding spirit of our university, and the “Patriotic Spirit, Educational Spirit, and Productive Instruction” which has continued for more than 70 years and contributed to creating a new history.

In the era we live in, what is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Yeungnam University once again aims to become the protagonist of “creating a new history” through dauntless challenges and innovations. Ever ambitious to outperform our achievements, we will lead the paradigm shift in higher education to foster creative and liberal talent required by the knowledge-based society instead of the standardized one demanded by the industrial society.

Nurturing “People”, the Center of Innovation

At the core of innovation, Yeungnam University recognizes and acknowledges the importance of fostering a new society with human values along with the necessary education in the relevant disciplines. We will nurture talented people as a “Goal” rather than “Means” of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, symbolized by artificial intelligence, robots, and high-speed broadband networks. For the happiness and safety of mankind, we will cultivate talented people who can research, develop, and apply cutting-edge technology as well as knowledge. Yeungnam University will nurture talent with core values and create a new history of humanity beyond the nation.

Communicating with the Global Communities

It takes great courage and wisdom to step away from the familiar path and into the unfamiliar. A vision and mission to create a global collective society, Yeungnam University is well aware of the value of “working together” to foster a better and happier world. Thus, Yeungnam University embarks on the search for a collective pathway through developing into a higher education institution, where values and communication can take place in peace and harmony.

We seek your support in our endeavor to create a better valued, cohesive and nurturing environment at Yeungnam University.

Thank You

Feb. 2021

President of Yeungnam University

Choi Oe Chool

E-mail : president@yu.ac.kr