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Academic Calendar


Spring Semester Summer Semester Fall Semester
First Day of Lectures 3.2(Wed) 7.4(Mon) 10.4(Tue)
Apply for Foreign Language Test 1st: 2. 14(Mon) - 16(Wed)
2nd: 5.31(Tue) - 6.3(Fri)
1st: 6.13(Mon) - 6.15(Wed)
2nd: 8.29(Mon) - 8.31(Wed)
1st: 9.19(Mon) - 9.21(Wed)
2nd: 2017. 1. 9(Mon) - 11(Wed)
Foreign Language Test 1st: 3.3(Thu) 2nd: 6.14(Wed) 1st: 7.4(Mon) 2nd: 9.12(Mon) 1st: 10.5(Wed) 2nd: 2017. 1.25(Wed)
Apply for Supervisor Assignment(2ndsemester students) 3. 7(Mon) - 11(Fri) 7 . 11(Mon) - 15(Fri) 10. 10(Mon) - 14(Fri)
Apply for the pre-presentation of Thesis/Report 4.25(Mon) - 4.29(Fri) 7. 20(Mon) - 24(Fri) 10. 26(Mon) - 30(Fri)
Pre-presentation of Thesis/Report 5.2(Mon) - 6(Fri) 7. 25(Mon) - 29(Fri) 10. 31(Mon) - 11.4(Fri)
Apply for theComprehensive Examination 1st: 3.7(Mon) - 9(Wed) 2nd: 6.14(Tue) - 16(Thu) 1st: 7.11(Mon) - 13(Wed) 2nd: 9.7(Wed) - 9(Fri) 1st: 10.5(Wed) - 7(Fri) 2nd: 2017.1.24(Tue) - 26(Thu)
Comprehensive Examination 1st: 3.18(Fri) 2nd: 7.8(Fri) 1st: 7.22(Fri) 2nd: 9.23(Thu) 1st: 10.21(Fri) 2nd: 2017.2.3(Fri)
Submit  "Thesis/Report"  &Apply for the Presentation of Thesis/Report 5.23(Mon) - 27(Fri) 8.8(Mon) - 12(Fri) 11.28(Mon) - 12.2(Fri)
Presentation of Thesis/Report 6.7(Tue) - 6.10(Fri) 8.23(Tue) - 8.26(Fri) 12.12(Mon) - 16(Fri)
Holidays 4.13(Wed) Election Day 12.22(Tue) University Foundation Day
5.5(Tue) Children's Day
6.6(Sat) Memorial Day
Faculty Deadline of Thesis/Report’s Evaluation Result 6.23(Thui) 9.1(Thu) 12.21(Wed)
University Foundation Day 12. 22(Thu)
Vacation 6.18(Sat) 9.10(Sat) 2017.1.18(Wed)
Faculty Deadline for the Submission of Final Grades 6.22(Wed) 9.13(Tue) 2017.1.23(Mon)
Submissionof Final Revised Thesis/Report 8.1(Mon) - 5(Fri) 9. 19(Mon) - 21(Wed) 2017.1.31(Tue) - 2.3(Fri)
Apply forReadmission, Leave of Absence  6.22(Wed) - 24(Fri) 8.24(Wed) - 26(Fri) 2017.2.15(Wed) - 17(Fri)
Course Registration Period 6.27(Mon) - 29(Wed) 8. 29(Mon) - 31(Wed) 2017.2.20(Mon) - 2.23(Thu)
Graduation 8.22(Mon) 9.30(Fri) 2017.2.22(Wed)

The academic schedule can be changed without prior notice depending on the circumstances.
Please visit PSPS website (http://psps.yu.ac.kr/) frequently.