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Recent Alumni

YATH Sreyvanna Country : CambodiaPublic Policy and Leadership at Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul / Yeungnam University"Studying at PSPS is an unforgetable memory in my life. I have seen dramatic change in myself especially mind set change through lecture in the class, global workshop, field study, and seminar as well as Korean society. I overcame all the hardship during my student life and graduated successfully from the support of professors and PSPS family as well as my commitment during my study was that I will not go back my country with empty hand but with knowledge and success from PSPS. Therefore, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to PSPS for providing me this golden opportunity. PSPS will always be in my heart. I love PSPS. "

Why did you decide to study Saemaul UNDONG in the PSPS?

There are several reasons that I decided to study Saemaul Undong in the PSPS. First, Saemaul Undong is a community movement which was adopted nationwide by Korean government during President Park Chung Hee regime in the 1970s. It helped to transform Korea from an aid-receiving country to a donor giving country by changing the mindset of the people by encouraging the spirit of dilligent, self-help, and cooperation. Second, Saemaul Undong is updating its core values as sharing, service and creativity which has now been termed as “Saemaul 2.0”. This update is required as these values needed to be shared with other countries across the world. Third, Saemaul Undong project educated stakeholders to understand that stakeholders themselve are the owner of the project. When stakeholders have ownership of the project, they will involve in the project both during and post-project to have sustainable development. Therefore, through studying Saemaul Undong in the PSPS, I will be able to learn about Korean economic and community development experiences which can be withdrawn as lesson learned for developing countries such as Cambodia which is having the similar status as Korea had in the past as an aid-receipient country.

What is your most impressive experience in the PSPS?

Getting opportunity to study at PSPS is the most impressive experience in my life because I become one member of PSPS family. I had the opportunity to receive higher education related to social, political and economuc aspect of different countries and specially the development dimensions of South Korea. Moreover, I had the opportunity to meet respectable professors who are working hard to transfer knowledge and support to students from their heart as well as lovely friends and seniors who are always there to support me when I am in hard time. All my friends and fellow batch mates belong to different countries across the world from whom I also received significant knowledge and experience. This makes us become a global Saemaul family that allows us to have global network. In short studying in the PSPS, I get both knowledge and friendship globally as one part of the resources that my country need for development.

Please tell us what your job in your country is.

I am an Officer- Administrative and coordination at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) of Cambodia Office.

With your Saemaul UNDONG knowledge, what do you want to do for your country?

I hope to share the knowledge of Saemaul UNDONG across the country to my possible areas like with the people around me such as colleagues, friends and relatives so that I can generate the “Can do” spirit among them and aslo encourage them to do work volunteerly. For instance, every 3rd Saturday of the month at 6 am, I volunteer to attend the Saemaul Cleaning Compaign in Phnom Penh City hoping that this compain can wake up all the citizens to believe that we can make our city clean by starting from ourselve. I also invited my friends and colleuges to attend this compaign and they are happy to do volunteerly. I hope this small starting point will spread to be a bigger picture.

Your biography

    • Name: YATH Sreyvanna
    • Nationality: Cambodian
    • First Degree: Master of Public Policy and Leadership in Economic Development
    • Second Degree: Bachelor of Economic-Business
    • Present: Officer- Administrative and Coordination, IRRI Cambodia Office
    • 2010 – 2013: Administrative assistant and Secretary, Korea Project on International Agriculture (KOPIA) Cambodia Center
    • 2014 Global Saemaul Undong Forum on August 26, 2014
    • April, 30 – May, 9, 2012: Saemaul Training program at Korea Saemaul Undong Central Training Institute
      in the Republic of Korea