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Recent Alumni

GASANA Richard Country : RwandaMaster of Public Policy in Economic Development at Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul / Yeungnam University"The PSPS staff (both academic and non academic) was too kind to the international students. The speeches delivered by Dean Park Seung Woo were too parental and always kept me moving. The diversity of students coming from all over the world was such a great experience for me.
The Korean culture, food, weather and language were in the beginning a big challenge but after a couple of months up to now, I am so friendly with them."

Why did you decide to study Saemaul UNDONG in the PSPS?

My decision to study Saemaul Undong in PSPS was to help my country Rwanda have a similar development model. Today, Rwanda has adopted the SMU approach in some Districts like Kamonyi and Nyamagabe, where in these districts, signs of rapid rural growth and development have been evident.

What is your most impressive experience in the PSPS?

I have great memories in South Korea and PSPS in particular, one thing that always stikes my memory is doing things quickly (빨리빨리), this doctrine i believe if all developing countries can adopt, firster growth can be registered just like it happened in South Korea.

Please tell us what your job in your country is.

Being a District Mayor in my country seems quite a challenging job but with the skills acquired from PSPS, I believe that i have all it requires to fulfill all my duties. Rwanda has 30 districts in total out of which am leading one of them (Gatsibo District). Gatsibo District is predominantly a rural district with a a population of 43.374 people, most of the people (about 80%) are farmers. The Mayor represents the Head of State in the District and reports directly to the Provincial Governor.

With your Saemaul UNDONG knowledge, what do you want to do for your country?

With the SMU knowledge that i learned from PSPS, I want to inspire my people get out of poverty as quickly as i can. This i will do through encouraging them to work together especially in cooperatives, thereby increasing their productivity and hence their savings for future investments would also increase.

Your biography

    • Name: GASANA Richard
    • Nationality: Rwandan
    • First Degree: Political Science (At the National University of Rwanda)
    • Second Degree: Public Policy in Economic Development (At PSPS)
    • Served as Provincial Mediator in charge of Gacaca courts (2005-2006)
    • Served as a Sector Executive Secretary under the Ministry of Local Governement (2006-2012)
    • Master of Public Policy in Economic Development at PSPS (2013-2014)
    • Back to my duties as Sector Executive Secretary (September 2014-February 2015)
    • From the 25th/02/2015 up to today, District Mayor of Gatsibo in the Eastern Province of the republic of Rwanda.
    • Attended a one month International course on local governance and rural decentralization in the Netherlands (Wangengen Tropical institute 2010)
    • Attended a one month International course about Saemaul Undong in South Korea (Kyungwoon University 2012)