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Recent Alumni

Uno KONISIMO Country : Papua New GuineaMaster of Public Administration at Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul / Yeungnam University"A very life changing and memorable experience which opened the way for even greater things to come in future. I am grateful to every person that contributed to make my studies a success including my family, friends and lecturers and those that assisted financially."

Why did you decide to study Saemaul UNDONG in the PSPS?

Firstly, I believe that semaul undong is an appropriate development model for my country, Papua New Guinea. Saemaul Undong is a New Community Movement, which was initiated by President Park Chung Hee in April 22, 1970. His aim is to develop rural communities/villages in South Korea and indeed his plan was implemented successfully. Most rural communities in Korea had participated in Saemaul Undong based on its three principles of self-help, diligence and cooperation, which results in improved infrastructure, bringing modernized facilities such as irrigation systems, bridges and roads in rural communities and also traditional thatched houses have been replaced with orange tiled house. In light to that, this topic is relevant for developing country like Papua New Guinea (PNG). Focusing on rural agro-economic development in Papua New Guinea, Saemaul Undong can be integrated as a policy for sustainable development in the rural society based on Koreas experience in the 1970s. Secondly I came to study Saemaul Undong because we have initiated a saemaul undong organisation in my province that has been recognised by the government, and I am directly involved in its establishment and the education I got will be useful in helping out.

What is your most impressive experience in the PSPS?

There are many good experiences that I had during my studies at PSPS. Overcomming hardships of student life to complete my studies succcessfully was an important experience for me to the point where I was able to graduate sucessfully given the honor of valectorian speech and best Reasearch Award.

Please tell us what your job in your country is.

I worked as a tutor in the University of Goroka and also as an advisor to the saemaul undong organisation.

With your Saemaul UNDONG knowledge, what do you want to do for your country?

I am working closely with the YU administration, PNG Embassy in Seoul and Korean Embassy in PNG to implement some SMU pilot projects in the Eastern Highlands Province, specifically beginning with my village. I am looking towards making the Eastern Highlands a model province for other provinces in Papua New Guinea though partnership with the government using Koreas SMU rural development model.

Your biography

    • Name: Uno Konisimo
    • Nationality: Papua New Guinean
    • First Degree: Bachelor in Education
    • Second Degree: Masters in Public Administration
    • Teaching
    • Consultant in Community Development
    • University Tutor
    • Commercial Assistant in PNG Embassy, Seoul
    • Attended International Conferences
    • Participate in Diplomatic negotiations