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Nuredin Mohammed KEMAL Country : EthiopiaMaster of Arts in Development Economics at Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul/Yeungnam University in Korea"At end, We spent very good & extraordinary time in PSPS, in particular learning environment, learning system, approach of professors, very kind cooperation of PSPS Manamement & administration staffs. How can we forget monthely campaign of Saemaul?. But I have a comment to PSPS to extend or to open Phd program on Saemaul! Hopefully you can do!!"

Why did you decide to study Saemaul UNDONG in the PSPS?

The critical reason to share an experience of Koreas rapid economic development is the development policy of the Ethiopian government. Accordingly more than 84% of our nation is living in rural areas. Having this fact, our policy is principally disignened to improve the living condition of the rural people through Agricultural Development Led Industrialization (ADLI). Therefore, Koreas exemplary experience more than ever on Saemaul Undong is stalwartly belived by our government to acchive rural and agricultural development strategies; and to go faster the assurance of structural transformation process to industrialization. As the late President Park said in 1973, We may call this Movement as the movment for a better living. Therefore, the development craving of the Ethiopian government with my wholehearted inquisitiveness has been the fact behind the decision.

What is your most impressive experience in the PSPS?

I have got numerous crucial experince , but the most impressive one is the hospitality of the staffs; frienedly approach, well dedicated and well-heeled knowledge of professors; practically designed cariculum, un-overlook monthly saemaul campaign.

Please tell us what your job in your country is.

I am living in South Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region /SNNPR/. Our regiona has more than 17 million people, of which 86% is livng in rural areas. I am working for Head, regional Bureau of Marketing and Cooperatve. Which is directly accountable to the regional President, Ministry of Trade and Federal Cooperative Agency. Our major tasks are promoting agricultural product marketing focussing on export commodities like coffee, oils seeds, pulses, spices, live animals, animal products. And also promoting cooperatives; they are responsible in input marketing i.e. provision of agricultural inputs to farmers like chemical fertilizer, improves seeds, pesticide, herbicide, farm tools and other equipments; Output marketing; mobilization of saving and credit services; and provision of consumer goods and other alide services. Accordingly working incolaboration with many international projects like WFP Purchase for Progress /P4P/, IFAD Agricultural Market Improvement Program /AMIP/, USAID Agricultural Growth Program /AGP/, House Hold Asset Building Program /HABP/, Rural Finance Improving Program /RUFIP/ , JICA One Vilage One Product /OVOP/.

With your Saemaul UNDONG knowledge, what do you want to do for your country?

Before directly gose to reply, I want to take you back President Parks speech, in the accelerate process of rual modernization, He insisted on the importance of two factors: the first one was dedication of local officials to improve the living conditions of farm people, secondly a strong self-help sprit of the farmers. He also believed that, an attitudinal change of officials and farmers was the most important factor for the modernization of rural Korea. Having this, a practical what's more a live full knowledge what I learned and take hold of on Saemaul UNDONG is significantly important and contextually applicable in our region as well as country wise. As point out above, a cooperatives where established in our region has a membership of nearly 1.8 million household farmers i.e. almost one third of the regional households. Therefore, I want to plant the sprit of self-help, diligence and cooperation between and among individual memebers and cooperatives. thus this will be easy the reason might be definition and the role cooperatives i.e. cooperatives are a farm, business, or other organization which is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits. Therefore effectiveness of Saemaul on cooperatives and others, as President Park said will relied on both attitudianl change of officials and farmers. As well as commitment and dedication of copperatives members, leader, managers, expertise and higher officials. For the reason that, I am trying to avail a situation to higher officials to share an experience from Korea and preparing a paper on good practice of Saemaul to conduct atraining to others. The then scaling-up of best practice on Saemaul to others will continue in a better pace.

Your biography

    • Name: Nuredin Mohammed KEMAL
    • Nationality: Ethiopia
    • First Degree: BA Degree in Cooperative Business
      Management, from Hawassa University.
    • Second Degree: MA Degree in Development Economics, Major Public Policy and Leadership School of Park Chung Hee Policy and Saemaul, Yeungnam University
    • Head Bureau of Marketing & Cooperative, SNNPR, Ethiopia
      Regional Bureau Head, Since April 2014
    • Bureau of Marketing and cooperative, SNNPR- Ethiopia
      Regional Bureau Head, Sept 2010- July 2012
    • Agricultural and Rural Development office, Halaba, SNNPR, Ethiopia
      Office Head, April 2007 -September 2010
    • Food Security and Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Department, Agricultural and Rural Development office, Halaba, SNNPR -Ethiopia
      Department Head, December 2005 -April 2007
    • Local development and public organization office, Halaba special Woreda SNNPR -Ethiopia
      Office Head November 2004-December 2005
    • Cooperative Promotion office, Halaba Special Woreda SNNPR -Ethiopia
      Office Head October, 2001-November 2004
    • Saemaul UNDONGTraining from Saemaul Training Center, From Korea
    • Financial Cooperatives and The Indian Experience, from India,
    • Finance and livestock input valuse chain, India
    • Fertilizer Value Chain- Supply System Management & Servicing Farmers` Needs, Ghana,