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Demeke Atlaw MELKE Country : Ethiopia Master of Public Policy in Economic Development at Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul / Yeungnam University "I am very much delighted being a graduate from PSPS. I was working hard to get most out of this school. I was committed to spent every minute for study and getting experience to implement in my country. I was impressed with the ability of the professors in PSPS, they were capable enough to help developing countries. With full of ups and downs in PSPS finally I succeeded to graduate from PSPS in Yeungnam University."

Why did you decide to study Saemaul UNDONG in the PSPS?

The name Saemaul Undong is not new for me. I was taking training how to moblize the public for development works especially for those activities which require public participation. The government officials in Ethiopia are well awared about Korean development including Saemaul movement, as a result they used the effort of President Park Chung Hee in Korean development as best example. In 2012, my government selected me to join PSPS and I was so excieted to join this school especially to attend Saemaul Undong. I believed that if I joined this school I will contribute a lot in eradicating poverty from my country.

What is your most impressive experience in the PSPS?

I got several experiences from PSPS. The teaching methodology is good experience for me. It was student centered and students were free enough to express them selves as well as their country. The theory in the class was supported with practical field visit, which makes our student life very easy and gave us great chance to know more about Korea. Theoretically I know Korea reached at such an interesting developmental stage with in relatively very short period of time than any other country in the world. From the field study course and my field visit program I tried to understand how Koreans achieved such a miracle in a very short time. I was very much impressed on the road access or networks that I observed when I travel from North to South and from East to West, it was really a miracle for Korean. I was lucky enough to see those world class huge companies like Hyundi, Sumsung Electronics, the Ship building etc. It was surprising for me to see the man made new capital city i.e Sejong City. Besides this the culture, tradition and respect of Koreans was unique for me, they love each other, they respect each other, they love and give respect to other nations. I was very much impressed with the hard working nature of the nation in Korea, Koreans have very high national spirit.

Please tell us what your job in your country is.

Before joing this school I was working as public relation advisor for the President in The Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia. After my graduation from PSPS, I am assigned as deputy head of agricultural office in Amhara Region, Ethiopia.

With your Saemaul UNDONG knowledge, what do you want to do for your country?

In Ethiopia we are trying our level best to lead our country and nation in to development. For this we have to teach the public and there should be deligence, self help and cooperation in the public. My knowledge from PSPS will help me a lot to contribute in such activities.

Your biography

    • Name: Demeke Atlaw MELKE (Dr.)
    • Nationality: Ethiopia
    • First Degree: Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.
    • Second Degree: Master of Public Policy in Economic Development, PSPS, Yeungnam University, South Korea.
    • Alage Agricultural and Technical Vocational Education Training College,working as an Instructor in the department of Animal Health, Instructor for Parasitology and Pathology.I stayed here from September, 2002 to October,2003.
    • Arthuma Fursi Wereda(Destrict) in Oromya Zone(Province) of Amhara Region(State),working as a field Veterinarian.Here I was the head of veterinary clinic serving for the people in 18 Kebele’s which consists of many villages.I stayed here starting from November,2003 to October,2005.
    • Seyadebirna Wayu Wereda(Destrict) in North Shoa Zone of Amhara Region,here I was assigned as a Head of Agricultural and Rural Development Office. In this office there are different departments so my responsibility is to manage and facilitate inputs for the work. Under me there is deputy of the office, department head of each department and civil servants. The office in general was responsible for agricultural works in 13 Kebele’s which consists of many villages. I stayed here starting from November, 2005 to March, 2007.
    • North Shoa Zone Agricultural and Rural Development Office,Deputy of the Office.I stayed in this position starting from April,2007 to August,2008.Then I promoted to the head level so see the detail on number 5.
    • North Shoa Zone Agricultural and Rural Development Office in Amhara Region(State).I worked here as a Head of the Office. My responsibility is to manage and facilitate everything important for agricultural works. Zone Agricultural office main responsibility is to coordinate, give support and direction to 27 Destrict(Wereda) agricultural offices and support so many villages and farmers in the zone. Next to me there is deputy and head of different departments as well as many high level experts. I stayed here starting from September, 2008 to November, 2009.
    • North Shoa Zone Adminstration Office in Amhara Region (State), working as a Deputy Zonal Administrator. This is a big promotion in my life and the responsibility is coordinating every activity in this zone. My responsibility is working on social, economical and political situation of the specified zone. Under me the office heads of different sectors at zonal level and the administrator’s of 27 districts (woreda).I stayed here starting from December, 2009 to May, 2011.
    • The Amhara National Regional State Office of the Head of Government and the Council of the Regional Government, working as a Public Relation Advisor to the Regional President, my position is equivalent to head of Bureau (Office) at regional level. In Amhara Region this is the highest level where governmental structure starts, and main responsibility was to handle social, economical and political situation in this region. Coordinating, guiding and supporting of 13 zones and serving for 20 million people who live in the region, was a big task. I stayed here starting from June, 2011 to July, 2012 until I joined Yeungnam University.
    • In general I have 10 Years of working experiences of which 7 years are for leadership experiences.
    • I have been in Japan for 18 days in the year 2009 .That was for short term training facilitated for young African leaders so after the training I have got certificate award.
    • I have also been in China for 15 days in the year 2012 and the travel was as a higher political Ethiopian delegation to visit cadre schools in china.
    • Computer Skill
    • Driving skill
    • Foot ball Playing