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General Information

PSPS Academic Information

  • Total Study period: 4 semesters in 1.5 years
    Admission 1st semester 2nd semester 3nd semester 4nd semester Graduation
    1st March 2017 March-June 2017 July-September 2017 September 2017-January 2018 March-June 2018 August 2018
    • In the event a student is not successful in obtaining a pass in either the thesis or report within 4 semesters, he/she will be required to spend more time to graduate.
  • Residential requirements: During the first three semesters, students are required to be on campus to complete their coursework. In the last semester, students may choose to prepare for their thesis either in Korea or in their home country.
  • Classes: from Monday to Saturday

Majors and degrees

Department Major Degree offered
Saemaul and
International Development
Saemaul Undong and
Community Development
Master of Saemaul Studies (MSS)
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
International Development Cooperation Master of Arts in International Development (MA/ID)
Mater of Public Policy in International Development (MPP/ID)
Public Policy
and Leadership
Public Policy and Leadership Master of Arts in Economics (MA/E)
Master of Arts in Development Economics (MA/DE)
Master of Public Policy (MPP)
Master of Public Policy in Economic Development (MPP/ED)
Forest Resources and
Ecological Restoration
Master of Science (MS)
Master of Science in Agronomy (MS/A)
Management and Policy
Master of Public Policy (MPP)
Master of Public Administration (MPA)