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General Information

Tuition and Fees

Category Amount
Tuition 1st ~ 3rd semester: ₩ 4,500,000 ($ 4,300) per semester
4th semester: ₩ 3,000,000 ($ 2,800)
Admission Fee ₩796,000 ($760)
Student Council Fee ₩50,000 ($50) per semester
University Heath Care Service Fee ₩25,300 ($27) per semester
International Students Insurance Fee ₩150,000 ($130) per year
  • Tuition and fees are subject to change.


All international students admitted to the PSPS will be awarded with the following scholarship.

Scholarship Benefit
General Scholarship
  • Admission fee waiver
  • Tuition waiver for four semesters
  • KRW 1,000,000 of monthly living allowance for 12 months

Scholarship can be subject to change.

Students who do not maintain a GPA 3.0/4.5 or higher, or who get an “F” in any course, must pay an additional 30% of tuition for the following semester.