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2013학년도 졸업생 및 수료생

새마을운동및실천 전공 (총 7명)

CHIN Bounthourn (캄보디아)
  • 학위명:행정학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 보고서 제목:The Achievement of Saemaul Undong Model Villages in Cambodia
MEY Mithona (캄보디아)
  • 학위명:행정학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 보고서 제목:A comparison of Today's Saemual Undong in Cambodia and 1970s' Saemaul Undong in Korea
Orpha A. MORAUDA II (필리핀)
  • 학위명:새마을학석사 (2013. 8. 22)
  • 보고서 제목:Comparison of Saemaul Undong and Other Rural Community Development Programs in the Philippines
Miok PACHECO (미국)
Claudia Norah POZO LEANO (볼리비아)
Pratiksha ROKA (네팔)
  • 학위명:행정학석사 (2013. 8. 22)
  • 논문제목:A Study of the Effects of Gender Related Obstacles on Work-life Balance and Organizational Commitment in Nepalese Women: Focused on the moderating effects of perceived Organizational support
Mousumi SARKAR (방글라데시)
  • 학위명:행정학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 논문제목:Effect of Demographic Variables on Psychological Sense of Community in Work Organizations: A Case Study of Organizations in Bangladesh

공공정책및리더십 전공 (총 14명)

Nuredin Mohammed KEMAL (에티오피아)
  • 학위명: 개발경제학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 보고서 제목: Role of Cooperatives in Rural Development:The Case of SNNPR Ethiopia
Reshad KEMAL Seid (에티오피아)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2013.10.18.)
  • 보고서 제목: Agricultural Policy and Food Security in Ethiopia
KESALE Anosisye Mwandulusya (탄자니아)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 논문 제목: Availability of financial capital to start up SMEs in Tanzania
Rizelle Bernadine A. MALANGEN (필리핀)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2014. 02. 21)
  • 보고서 제목: Strategies For Governance System Improvement in Participant's Cooperation: the case of Naga city in the Philippines
Karassay MAMBETOV (카자흐스탄)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2014. 02. 21)
  • 논문 제목: A Model comparison of Rural Saemaul Undong in Korea during 1971-1978 and State-run Program of Rural Territories Development in Kazakhstan during 2004-2010
MBERABAGABO Patrick (르완다)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2014. 02. 21)
  • 보고서 제목: A Comparative study on the Leadership of President Park Chung Hee and Kagame Paul: focusing on their development strategies and Policies
Demeke Atlaw MELKE (에티오피아)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 보고서 제목: Foreign Direct Investment(FDI)in Progress, Ethiopia
MEN Kung (캄보디아)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2013. 8. 22)
  • 보고서 제목: Human Capital Accumulation: A Comparative Study of Kingdom of Cambodia 2000-2009 and Republic of Korea 1970-1979
Sunita SUBEDI (네팔)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2014. 02. 21)
  • 논문 제목: Examine the role of NGOs and their effectiveness to energy program in Baglung district of Nepal
Raphael Leonard TILUHONGELWA (탄자니아)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2013.10.18.)
  • 보고서 제목: Effects of Corruption in the Society in Relation to Human Development Index(HDI):Evidence From Tanzania
Vilayath VONGDARA (라오스)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2014. 02. 21)
  • 보고서 제목: Comparing Transformational Leadership in sucessful between Entrepreneur of Korea and Laos PDR
Sangvane VONGXAY (라오스)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사 (2014. 02. 21)
  • 학위명: 정책학석사(2013.10.18.)
  • 논문 제목: Improvement of Education: Case study of Intermediate School in Leiway Township in Nay Pyi Taw Capital of Myanmar

산림자원및생태복원 전공 (총 9명)

Apnaeni Henry Winarcahyo (인도네시아)
  • 학위명: 이학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 논문 제목: Automatic Water Level Recorder with Flood Early Warning System Based on Ultrasoni Sensor, Arduino and Android
Aung Ko Min (미얀마)
CHEA Nareth (캄보디아)
  • 학위명: 이학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 논문 제목: Effective Participatory of forest management for Climate Change mitigation and livelihood improvement in Chhouk Meas Community Forestry In Northern, Cambodia
Denny Sapulette (인도네시아)
  • 학위명: 이학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 논문 제목: Optimizing the Planting Activities of Industrial Forest Plantations in Indonesia
LEE Hyun Jin (대한민국)
  • 학위명: 이학석사 (2014. 02. 21)
  • 논문 제목: Visitors' Satisfaction and Recognition of Therapeutic Effect in National Natural Recreation Forest of Saneum and Cheongtaesan
Tin Naing Soe (미얀마)
  • 학위명: 이학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 논문 제목: Assessment on the Benefits of Community Forestry on Biodiversity Conservation: A Case Study in Pyin Oo Lwin Township, Myanmar
Zemede Tefera WOLDEGIORGIS (에티오피아)
  • 학위명: 이학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 보고서 제목: Integrated Watershed Management For Sustainable Development In Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Zaw Zaw (미얀마)
  • 학위명: 이학석사 (2013. 10. 18)
  • 논문 제목: Estimation of Carbon Storage of Two Dominant Species in Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest: A Case Study in Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary