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Mentorship Program

General Information

There are two primary objectives of the Mentorship program:

  • First, it is to help the new students to quickly and easily get accustomed to life in Korea. The mentors are either senior students or currently enrolled students; and the mentees are the junior students or newcomers. The mentors will assist mentees in getting adjusted to their school lives in Korea and in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance their professional and personal growth and support.

    For this purpose, mentors will contact mentees to give them the necessary information as soon as they get admitted to our School. For example, mentors will give mentees information regarding school lives in Korea and how to get to the PSPS from the airports and other places.
  • Second, after students complete the PSPS program and go back to their home countries, it helps our graduates to play as mentors by choosing some of community leaders as their mentees and helping them to work for their own regions as community leaders by advising and training them.

It is guided by the following purposes:

  • To facilitate the mentee’s growth by sharing resources and networks and to move beyond his/her comfort zone
  • To establish camaraderie and rapport between seniors and juniors while in and outside the classroom, during academic and extra-curricular activities
  • To build a strong relationship with each other and to share cultures, values and practices of each country between the mentor and the mentee.
  • To share with community leaders the knowledge mentors gain from the PSPS program and apply and diffuse Saemaul Undong and Park Chung-Hee leadership through them in order to get rid of poverty most of all in applying the knowledge.