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Getting to YU

  • PSPS - Yeungnam University
    Location : in Gyeongsan/Daegu
  • Incheon Seoul Airport
    Location : in Seoul
  • Distance
    150 miles / 241 Km

How to go to PSPS-Yeungnam University from Incheon International Airport ?

When you arrived at Incheon airport in Seoul, Korea follow the signs for ‘Arrivals’ which will lead you to and immigration and customs. After passing immigration, collect your baggage and contact your mentor or PSPS officer (+82-53-810-1317) through Facebook/Skype/Email (Incheon airport provides free public Wifi internet access throughout the terminal)

Go to outside through GATE 10 (to bus stop 10C) – Different Gate, different bus destination>
Walk across the road to the bus ticket booth, buy a ticket from Incheon to Gyeongsan (Daegu) and wait at the bus stop.

  • Ticket
    Price +40.000Won
  • Time
    Departure 07:50 / 12:20 / 16:00 / 20:40
  • Time
    Arrival 16.00

If you are not familiar with the Korean language, please print this text and show the following letters to the officer at the ticket booth.

경산 – 대구 Gyeongsan – Daegu

Wait at the bus stop before your departure time. When you see the bus arrive (you will be able to read the bus route displayed at the front of the bus Incheon – Daegu), show your ticket to the bus driver and board the bus. You should be at the bus stop for 15 minutes before the bus departs. Do not go anywhere because the bus stops for a very short time at bus stop.

Usually, the bus takes 4-5 hours from Incheon Airport to Gyeongsan. Part-way through the bus journey (usually 2 hours after departure from Incheon Airport), you will have 15-20 minutes to stretch your legs in the rest area. You can use this time to going to the bathroom or purchasing snacks and refreshments (Price around $5 or 5,000 Won). / Note: Do not forget your bus number which will be displayed at the front of the bus.

  • First Bus Terminal (Dongdaegu–Daegu)
    When you arrive in Daegu, the first bus terminal will be Dongdaegu terminal. Please do not get off the bus. The bus will take approximately 10 minutes to be cleaned and refuel.
    It will then take 30 minutes or 20 Km from Dongdaegu bus terminal to Gyeongsan bus terminal.
  • Second Bus Stop Terminal (Gyeongsan)

영남 대학교 중앙도서관 Yeungnam University – Library building

법학전문대학원 생활동 주소입니다.
경상북도 경산시 삼풍동 532-1
These sentences are the address of your dormitory.
Show this address to the taxi driver.

Contact 053-810-1317, CHO Minjeong

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  • Go to YU Dormitory first
    When you arrived in the Gyeongsan bus terminal, you can take a taxi in the Gyeongsan bus terminal to go to Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (YU Dormitory), the Yeungnam University. (5 minutes, price about 5.000 Won, distance 3 km), show this letters to a taxi driver.

If you want some help, PLEASE USE the PSPS Mentor Program. To get the assistance from a mentor, you should make an appointment in advance through email, phone, facebook.

  • Important Korea Language
    • Yes : Ne (네)
    • No : Aniyo (아니요)
    • How much? : Olmayeyo? (얼마예요)
    • Thank you : Kamsahabnida (감사합니다)
  • If you have a problem communicating...
    • If taxi driver does not understand what you have said, show above the address to the taxi driver.
    • On your second day or arrival, please come to the PSPS Office during our office working day/hours
      (09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday. The office is closed on Saturdas, Sundays and public holidays).

Notes : Before you arrive in Korea, it is advisable that you exchange some money to Korean Won ($1 is approximately = 1,000 Won), or you can exchange money at in Incheon Airport.

If you have any questions, please visit the PSPS student ambassadors page on Facebook.