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Extracurricular Activity

The students can enhance socializing abilities as well as building a fellowship among themselves through a variety of extracurricular activities, such as Taekwondo and Korean traditional musical performance.

Field Trip

This course aims to enhance the students' understanding of international development cooperation and to improve practical field skills including English communication and leadership skills through an overseas field study opportunity.

Group activity: PSPS Student Soccer Club

The PSPS Student Council runs a soccer club to promote leadership, perseverance, and teamwork among the student members.

Mentorship Program

Each of the new student is assigned to a mentor to fully feel comfortable on Yeungnam University campus. Upper class students will be mentoring the incoming students in order to help them adjust to the new environment.

This program pairs new students with current students as their mentors to help them adjust to their new life on campus and in Korea.

Student Services

  • Libraries
    The University Library is open to the public. The main library holds a huge collection of books in liberal arts study and in social sciences. There are three more: the Law Library, the Science Library, and the Medical Library. The Medical Library is located on the Daegu Campus.
  • Health Care Service Center
    Health Care Service Center provides an excellent health care service for students, faculties, and staff. Also it is affiliated with Yeungnam University Medical Center on the Daegu Campus. It works specifically for prevention, early detection, first-aid treatment, and the improvement of public health on campus. It regularly conducts physical check-ups, immunizations, hyginen, and health consultations for students, faculty and staff.
  • Computers on the campus
    The students can freely use computers in the libraries, Global Lounge, and colleges.
  • Shuttle Bus
    The university offers a shuttle bus service on the campus. The fare is free of charge.
  • Wireless LAN Service
    Wireless LAN service is available anywhere on the campus for free of charge.