Title The 3rd Country and Community Development Action Plan Contest 2017
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Writer Cho Minjeong Date 2017/06/08

The 3rd Country and Community Development Action Plan Contest 2017


Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul is holding a contest for PSPS students to apply their Saemaul Undong knowledge and expertise. All PSPS students are invited to establish action plans for your country and community development. You will have the opportunity to build communication and cooperation skills through teamwork and to develop policy making skills.


1. Theme :  Application of Saemaul Undong to Country and Community Development.

2. Entry Criteria:
  • PSPS students who will be enrolled for the 3rd or 4th semester and stay in Korea in fall semester 2017
  • Teams of up to 3 people
  • Target country is limited to your home countries
  • In the event that there are no other students from your country, you can either work alone or form a team with students from another country and agree upon a single country amongst the team members’ countries.

3. Guideline for action plan proposal is attached:

4. Schedule :

* Team composition and proposal writing: ~ 5th July 2017

* Proposal submission: 6th July ~ 7th  July 2017 (To PSPS office)

* Proposal screening & Supervisor assignment: 10th July ~ 14th July 2017

* Proposal screening result: 17th July 2017

* Revise proposal and prepare final research plan: 18th July ~ 27th September 2017 (See benefits)

* Final research plan submission: 28th ~ 29th September 2017

* Final research plan screening result: 19th October 2017 (About 5 teams)

* Prepare presentation: will be announced later

* Presentation: 3rd November 2017 (Awards for top teams)

※Schedule and the number of teams to pass may be subject to change.

5. Benefits for writing the research plan (after proposal is passed): KRW 100,000~KRW 300,000 worth of payments benefits such as food and beverage for meetings. The amount will differ according to team compostition.

6. Disadvantages will be given to copied proposals and action plans.

7. Contacts: PSPS Office

Next Application and Submission for the 2nd Presentation Evaluation: Mon. 19 Jun 9AM. - Thu. 22 Jun. 3PM.
Pre [Notification] International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity & Winter Olympic Conference in PyeongChang