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Notice Comprehensive Exam for 3rd semester students new Kim Hyun Ju 2017/07/19 첨부파일 76
Notice Scholarship Assistant Internship Program. 권인선 2017/07/17 첨부파일 97
Notice [Revised Schedule] The 3rd Country and Community Development Action Plan Contest 2017 Cho Minjeong 2017/07/11 첨부파일 143
Notice Guideline for Thesis Uploading (ONLY FOR THESIS): 7 Aug. - 9 Aug. 2PM. Kim Hyun Ju 2017/07/10 첨부파일 243
Notice Submission of Completed Thesis/Report: 31 Jul. - 4 Aug. 2PM. Kim Hyun Ju 2017/07/10 첨부파일 222
Notice Multiple Cultural Volunteer Activities in Kindergarten. 권인선 2017/06/23 첨부파일 650
Notice Wireless Lan Equipment Register Manual Heejeong YUN 2017/03/02 첨부파일 1,319
Notice Request to submit an agreement to release personal information Cho Minjeong 2017/01/10 2,318
Notice Manual of Turnitin Program Kim Hyun Ju 2016/09/28 첨부파일 3,344
Notice Safety Guidelines During an Earthquake Cho Minjeong 2016/09/13 첨부파일 3,826
Notice When you are sick or injured, check your insurance card Cho Minjeong 2016/04/20 3,824
Notice Report your Individual Activity Participation Cho Minjeong 2016/01/04 첨부파일 4,035
Notice Report your address change to the Immigration Office Cho Minjeong 2014/12/04 15,043
Notice (Important Notice) Visa Expiration and Reporting Departure Cho Minjeong 2014/11/19 15,652
Notice [Guidelines] Part-time Work for PSPS Students Kim Hyewon 2014/04/24 첨부파일 23,604
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