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Can I apply for an admission when my undergraduate major is different?

PSPS curriculum is quite practical and can be handled by students with different undergraduate backgrounds. Students are required to take 4~5 core courses offered in their major. Three courses in the student's major of study will also be required.

What are the graduation requirements?

In order to graduate from the PSPS with a Master’s degree, all students must complete a minimum of 33 credits of graduation.

What is the PSPS grading system?

The PSPS Master’s degree program applies a 4.5 scale to its grading system, and academic results are indicated by the letter grades as follow:
A+(4.5) / A(4.0) / B+(3.5) / B(3.0) / C+(2.5) / C(2.0) / D+(1.5) / D(1.0) / F(0)

Do I have to stay in the dormitory?

Staying at the dormitory is not mandatory, but recommended. If you want to stay in the dormitory, PSPS administration office will help you and guide you to stay in the YU.